My name is Rachael Bussert and this is my first semester in the School of Library and Information Science at Wayne State University. I live in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with my husband and one year old daughter. I have a BA in History from Ohio State University and an MA in History with a concentration in Public History from Wright State University. I’m an archivist by profession and I consider myself lucky to have landed a project archivist position at Michigan Technological University when so many new to the archival profession are seeking work. So why am I back in school? Institutional repositories. I truly believe that to remain in my profession I need to become an expert in preserving digitally born records. I feel like I have a lot less romanticized view of the library profession than maybe some other students might have entering the program. Maybe it is because I identify myself professionally as an archivist and public historian. Maybe I’m just too humble to call myself a master of the information universe or a pillar of social justice. That being said, I still believe that being an archivist is my calling and I enjoy my work immensely.  I feel a great deal of satisfaction every time I finish processing a collection or writing metadata for a digital object because I know that someone now has greater access to these unique documents. I hope to some day have the same satisfaction from preserving digitally born records.


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