Mid-Semester Analysis and Reflections

As the first half of my first semester in the LIS program at Wayne State ends I begin to reflect about my writing in the first six weeks. If I were to identify a trend in my writing I would have to confess that I have not truly delved out of my comfort zone. My discussion threads and comments tend to be reflections of my own experience as an archivist. Writing from one’s own experiences is good, however, it would be more beneficial for me at this point of my education to explore new concepts and engage my classmates more in areas in the LIS world that excite them.

The blog activities for this class have, at least so far, been a wonderful outlet for expressing my desires in the workplace and as a student. Although we are expected to treat each blog as a professional essay I hope that my professor forgives the frankness that I enjoy about writing blogs.  Looking back at my first blog post I seem a bit unsure about starting an LIS program. The will to learn and grow professionally is there, but the post comes across as slightly jaded. I am sure that this point of view will not change by the end of the semester. Working in the field, having already lost hours of sleep in another master’s program, and trying to navigate a terrible job market has given me a different perspective than many of the students entering the program directly out of their undergraduate programs.

Moving forward into the final half of the semester I want to focus on engaging my classmates and exploring topics that I have side stepped in the past. For this reason I am going to spend my library visits at institutions unlike the one where I am employed and speak to people employed in LIS professions different from my own.  I hope that by learning about other LIS professions and institutions that my writing will be less focused on the point of view of an archivist and more open to writing from the perspective of an LIS student.


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