Professional Goals

After completing a M.A. in history less than three years ago the thought of going back to school made me feel tired just thinking about it. But after spending some time in the job market and landing my second project archivist position I knew that I had to do whatever it takes to make myself more competitive in the very narrow job market for archivists. In the few years it has been since I graduated I had also began developing an interest in records management and digitally born records. It seemed to me that if I were to go back to school the thing to do would be to spend my time (and money) becoming an expert in records management and electronic records.

I realize that it sounds incredibly cliché, but I do have a five-year plan. In the next two to three years I will complete my MLIS concentrating in records and information management as it applies to electronic records. During this time I will also pursue the Records and Information certificate. In addition to my education at Wayne State I plan on taking the summer semester off in order to study for the Academy of Certified Archivists Exam in August. In the next five years I will take the Certified Records Manager Exam, but I will first need to gain more experience in the field to qualify.

After my position ends in March 2014 at the Michigan Technological University Archives and Copper Country Historical Collections I hope to find a permanent position where I can grow professionally, ideally, working as an archivist or records manager in an academic or government setting. As a project archivist my tasks and goals in the workplace have already been decided for a two-year period. To be able to explore my own interests and make my own goals would be challenging and worthwhile.


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