Job Analysis Part 1: The Dream Job

When I started this blog I noted that my concentration is Records and Information Management. I foresee in my future a University Archivist position at an academic library. Actually, I think it is very likely that my position could be University Archivist/ Records Manager. I have seen many positions of this nature posted on job boards. I currently have an M.A. in History with a concentration in Public History from Wright State University. While attending Wright State I took mainly archives administration and American History courses. As far as experience I had several internships working with archival institutions before I graduated from Wright State and have been working in the field professionally for nearly three years. What I lack is training and experience in records and information management. I have made records and information management my concentration at Wayne State University. To become a more qualified candidate for a records management related position I am also planning on taking the Certified Records Manager Exam once I meet the qualifications to sit for it.

This job announcement for a Records Manager/Assistant University Archivist at Bowling Green State University was posted on the Higher Education Jobs website. The person in this position would manage the records retention schedules for print and electronic records. She would work with the university archivist to transfer records of historic significance to long term storage in the university archives. The Records Manager/ Assistant University Archivist would also monitor the university’s compliance of records management laws and university records policy. The educational requirements for the position are a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science (records and information management track), archives and records management or a related field. It also requires the successful candidate to be a Certified Records Manager. The successful candidate would also have at least three years managing a records and information management program and one year working in an archival institution (Higher Education Jobs, 2012.)

This job announcement for Archivist in Perris, California for the National Archives and Records Administration from USA Jobs is an example of another route that I might want to take in my career. Many of the position descriptions that I have seen to be an archivist for NARA require the ideal candidate to have experience in records management as well as experience as an archivist. This position requires candidates to hold only a Bachelor’s Degree in archives administration, history, political science, or another related field. It requires at least one year of experience as an archivist or in a history related field. Some specific skills listed incudes:

·         Manage Projects

·         Utilizes Computer Technology

·         Conducts Archival Processing

·         Manages Record Lifecycle

·         Applied Knowledge of Federal Agencies & Professional Research Methodologies

 ·        Describes Archival Holdings for Access 

·         Performs Reference Services (USAJOBS, 2012.)

Both of these positions are within the range of progression that I hope my career will be in within the next year. Either of these positions could lead me into a position some day of leading a university or government archives program.


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