Job Analysis Part Two: Dear Search Committee…

In part one of my job analysis I explored two position descriptions of my dream jobs: Archivist for NARA and Assistant Archivist and Records Manager for Bowling Green State University. Looking at the positions closely I have assessed how my skills and competencies match (or don’t match) those required by the jobs.

I have taken extensive coursework in archives management and preservation at Wright State University. What I lack is experience in records management and I have nearly three years professional experience outside of graduate school as an archivist. Although neither of these positions require the candidates to be a Certified Archivist, this credential is often preferred for similar positions.  I have taken an entry level records and information management course at Wright State University, but I need additional training to meet that education requirement. I will be filling that education requirement shortly once I begin my records and information management coursework at Wayne State University. The position at Bowling Green requires the candidate to be a Certified Records Manager and to have at least three years running a records management program (Higher Education Jobs, 2012.)I will need to start gaining records management experience soon in the next year. Options for gaining experience in records management include practicums, internships, and temporary and part time positions. An internship or practicum may not be easy to add to my already full schedule. The most logical way for me to get experience in records management would be to find an entry level records management position. After I gain the required experience I will apply to sit for the Certified Records Manager exam.

The position at NARA merely requires a Bachelor of Arts in archives administration, history, political science, or a similar field. Candidates should also have project management experience, which I have from my project archivist position at Northern Michigan University and my current position at Michigan Technological University. The NARA position also requires candidates to have experience arranging and describing archival collections. I am currently one of two project archivists who are processing ninety-two archival collections and creating EAD finding aids that will be available on the archives’ new website. Additionally, I have processed and created finding aids according to DACS (Describing Archives: A Content Standard) in my internships at the University of Dayton and the Beavercreek Historical Society. Finally, the position requires candidates to have experience providing reference to patrons (USAJOBS, 2012.) I have experience providing reference to patrons in nearly all of my positions as an archivist.

The experience and expertise that I lack for the NARA position is working applied knowledge of federal agencies and experience managing the records cycle. Again, this is a case where an internship in records management, preferably in a government agency would be ideal.


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