Final Thoughts: Semester One Revisted

As this semester draws to an end it is time to reflect on my perceptions and attitudes at this point in my education topics have stood out to me this semester: ethics in librarianship and trends in library technology. Self improvement has been another major theme of this semester as I learned more about the strengths and weaknesses in my education and skills.

Between my two classes I think I have learned more about ethics this semester than any other period in my education. I think this is for good reason. The code of ethics that librarians follow seems simple, but the details are complicated when applying them to the workplace. Censorship and confidentiality issues often reside in the grey area and leave librarians facing difficult decisions. I learned a great deal from my classmates during by reading their ethics scenario presentations. Many of my classmates saw the situations in a different light than I did and were able to think of answers to ethical issues that I had not considered.

Through discussion board activities such as the Think Tank exercises I have learned about the latest trends in library technology. It has been more reassuring than anything to know that librarians/ libraries are still sustaining as we progress further into the digital age. Ebooks need not be the end of libraries, but the beginning of a new and exciting way to deliver information to patrons.

During this semester I interviewed for a position that I could have described as my dream job in the job analysis journal activity. The position was awarded to another candidate. Assessing my skills and qualifications in the job analysis activity helped me take my focus away from the loss of the position to focusing on self improvement. I hope to continue to self improve as I move further into my education and become a more polished LIS professional.


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